You ain’t VIP unless…

You get your car done up by the finest shop in southern CA.


Nuff said…

Finally had the chance to drop my BMW M5 aka “Victoria” off while I am away for business.

She is getting her front bumper repainted from being so beat up from the track & rally events I’ve been attending lately.

Not to mention I am finally getting my car clear bra to top it off by Mike from LUX VIP using 3M!

My boy Chris from PLATINUM VIP just sent me over a picture of Victoria, so I wanted to share with ya’ll.

Victoria being pampered…. lol

After this post, I realized I need to post up more pictures of Victoria & such…

People always ask me, “why don’t you ever blog about your foods, places you go, cooking, personal cars, & workouts?

My answer to that is… I guess I get a bit lazy when it comes to my website, but I’ll start changing things up slowly.

My hits are gettting more & more as days go by.

Thanks to all the subscribers, supporters, followers, & most importantly to my PLATINUM PHEN CLUB MEMBERS!

CV Approved Musix

Far East Movement – So What?

Ultimate VIP GS430: Devil In A New Dress

By far the BEST Lexus GS430 ever to built in the VIP form in the states!

I’ve spoken with the owner Joe couple times at the shows, and all I can say is that he put his heart & soul into this project.

I don’t think there will ever be another Lexus GS that would be able to touch nor top this VIP car.

Check out this video in HD!

Shout outs to AUTO FASHION for building the sykest VIP cars of all time!

Dude Blvds first video shoot!

We shot this short with a Canon Rebel T2i and also a Sony NEX-5. The Sony NEX-5 was hard to shoot with because while in video mode it uses Auto Focus which doesnt always focus on what you would like it to.

Thank you to all who helped put this project together and I hope everyone enjoys the finished product.

Comments and advice are appreciated.

Oh & BTW this car is for sale! =)


Plastic Surgery at LAST!

The Bentley GT Continental finally gets a FACE LIFT for 2011!

Not a huge Bentley GT Continental fan, but I do keep my eye on it now for my wifey.

Only because I know for a fact that I’ll be buying one for her to drive around as a daily or family car.

I def. have to educate myself on a vehicle before purchasing!

Peep the all new design and let me know what you guys think.

In all honesty,  BENTLEY is a BENTLEY.

“It’s either you LOVE IT (because you want one) or you HATE IT (because you can’t afford one)” – Phen Club

Now for some professional scenery photos.

Paris Motor Show 2010 Preview 2011 Bentley Continental GT Facelift Revealed Pictures HQ
Song: Saigon- Come On Baby (Instrumental)
Enjoy & Comment!

Having been introduced in 2003, Bentley’s Continental GT is officially the oldest model in the British automaker’s lineup. About time for a facelift? Bentley thought so, too. The 2011 Conti has been brought up to date with an evolved interior and exterior that put it more in-line with the brand’s Mulsanne flagship, while a new 4.0-liter V8 engine will join the tweaked W12 in 2011.

Most noticeable in front are the gemstone headlights peeking out from behind newly-extended wings, moving the front fender / front bumper panel gap downward. Also, the grille surround has officially become part of the hood’s lines and now houses the front license plate as well.

One can see a similar design in back, where Bentley utilized the Mulsanne’s “double horse-shoe” theme. On either side of the boot, the rear fenders have gained some more definition and the car’s taillights are slightly more squared-off. The overall package increases track width by 41-mm in front and 48-mm at the rear.

Now, onto the good part: engines (now plural!). Offered under the hood are now two forms of propulsion: 1) as usual, a big 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 which creates 575 hp and 700 Nm / 516 lb-ft of torque and is FlexFuel-compatible (up to E85), and 2) for the first time in the model’s run, a 4.0 V8 coming later in 2011 with emissions that Bentley claims are 40% lower than the W12.

With the extra 15 horsepower (and the car’s weight reduced by 65 kg), the W12 is good for a 0-60mph (96km/h) burst in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 198 mph / 318 km/h. Bentley is keeping its lips sealed about the 8-cylinder’s output for now, but they say “high-output”, so expect a screamer.

In the field of putting power to pavement, the revised 6-speed automatic transmission allows “double downshifts” while still running all four wheels; the 20- or 21-inch rollers now get 40/60 front-to-rear power distribution (versus the outgoing model, which was 50/50).

The interior, while clearly still Continental, gets updated as well: there’s a spruced-up dash, a new touchscreen infotainment unit with a 30GB hard drive (15 GB specifically for music), and redesigned front seats that offer rear cargo an extra 46-mm of legroom. Sounds are brought to you by 11-speakers from Naim, and there is TV/DVD/Phone/iPod/etc. connectivity; pretty much everything one you’d expect in a Bentley.

Overall, Bentley has succeeded in updating its breadwinner while keeping it very identifiable and distinct. Expect to see it next to the Mulsanne in Paris, and as soon as there are some official numbers on the V8, we’ll let you know. Now back to your regularly-scheduled daydreaming.

The best part is, I know exactly how my wifey (boobie) wants the car to have as in color, interior trims, model, and options.

Special Limited VIP Wifey Edition coming soon…

Teaser… hehe

If your reading this “I LOVE YOU“.

Master Wong’s in SGV + AIMGAIN = VIP Status!

Master Wong’s Foot Massage in SGV = 3 Thumbs up!

Check out this exclusive video brought to you by both: “Phen Club” + “In the life of…”

VIP Access to the infamous Master Wong’s where we get our special $15 1 full hour massages on weekly.

Nuff said… and watch the video!

Part 1

Part 2

Funny Quote: “Straight under cover like BUNNY RANCH shit right here…” – Violet Kim ROFL!!

Next up we have…

Toyota Prius: “the cars for the ELITE” she says…is it?

Well when it comes to VIP Aimgain kits I believe so.

Check out this YAKUZA Murdered out VIP Aimgain Toyota Prius from Japan.

This is really making me love the new Prius more and more…

Don’t ever be surprised to see me roll up in the new Prius one day.

Full Product Shot Front.

Full Product Shot Rear.

Aimgain’s very own roof spoiler.

Dumped on bags and showing closer image of their sideskirts.

Front Bumper with the Lexus badge, which I love!

Money shot! The exhaust reminds me of the Lexus LS460L alot…

Again, I love the rear Lexus badge as well.

Dumped like a G!

Lovely scenic photoshoot.

Another front view shot.

Aimgain’s Toyota Prius coilover suspension to give it the stance you see.

Displaying two different Aimgain style wheels available.

Man this is such a hard stance!

Aimgain’s Toyota Prius VIP Exhaust system.

Does this mean its still eco-friendly?

Nothing better than to touch it up with some Aimgain accessories: VIP carpet, and pedals.

I am guessing these LED lights are used for the side markers?

Last but not least, the interior shot.

VIP Diamond stitching is a must do on any VIP inspired car builds.

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Dubby ft. Gorilla Zoe – 99 Bottles

Ice Cube – Man vs. Machine

“Don’t piss me off when I am bumping this song or I’ll shoot you” –

HAHAHAHA remember me saying that guys? lol

Revived!! BACK IN ACTION!!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts recently due to “family coming first” and being out of town for business for the past two months.

Nuff talk and lets start blogging…

Ever since I picked up a Nissan 240sx being that it was a S13 Chasis, I’ve officially hopped on the late band-wagon of being a 240sx / Zilvia FANATIC (Ask anyone) -_-”

With that said…I am literally on the computer constantly searching for every new/old parts out for a 240sx when I get the chance.

For those that do not know, within two months of owning my 91′ Twin Cam S13 Fastback/Hatch¬† (Slightly modded) I ended up trading someone for a 95′ Zenki S14.

By owning an S14 my first initiative was to do a Kouki conversion, but by spending numerous amount of hours…days…months…of studying on this car, I have come to realize and respect the Zenki for what it is.

In other words I had “Zenki Love”.

Here are couple pictures of some syk S14’s that I am a huge fan of.

Zilvia Member’s S14 Kouki Drift Project

Courtney Day’s S14 VIP Zenki (Yes…the Falken model’s)

Fatlace’s S14 Zenki Drift Car

BN Sports S14 Blister Widebody Demo Car

Vertex S14 Ridge Widebody Demo Car

URAS S14 Demo Car

GP Sports S14 Demo Car

Rocket Bunny’s S14 Demo Car

These are just a couple few off the top of my list for now…

“Random Video of the day LOL”

Tokyo Drift…somebody has wayyyyyy too much time on their hands, but hilarious!

Photo(cock)bucket -_-” + New 240sx S14 Zenki VIP/Track Project

Due to a large amount of new Phen Club members on this website Photo(cock)bucket wont allow me to host anymore pictures due to bandwidth exceeded -_-”

Unlesss, I upgrade and pay for premier membership.

My Asian answer = FCUK NO!!



IMAGESHACK here I come!!

I think I should limit myself on posting/hosting pictures of models for a while lol

?Whats New?

240sx S14 Zenki Super-Made VIP/Track setup coming soon…

For those of you that do not know how Super-Made Instant Gentleman Kits look like.

Mods (Short List):

JDM Super-Made Instant Gentleman full kit
JDM Super-Made Clear Zenki Headlights
JGTC TOP Slim Ballast 6000K HID Kit
Kazama Tension Rods
Kazama Toe Rods
Kazama RUCA
Kazama Sub-frame Collars
Nardi Sport Type-B Steering Wheel (Thanks Steve)
Works-Bell Short Hub
Works-Bell Nard Wheel Adapter
Works-Bell Rapfix II Quick Release
Cusco OS JDM SR Front Strut Bar
Tein S-Tech Springs (Thanks Nat)
KYB Shocks F/R (Thanks Nat)
Ichiba Extended Race Studs
Project Kics Neo Chrono Open Extended/Locked Lug Nuts
Brembo Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors F/R
PBR Ceramic Brake Pads
Energy Full Polyurethane Master Bushing Kit
Energy Rear Sub-frame Bushing Kit
Yashio Factory Pink Drift Button Knob (Thanks Nat)
Project Mu Signature Shift Knob
Broadway Mirror Blue 300mm
Limo Tint

List goes on…

Still Need:

VIP 18 inch Wheel Setup (SSR/WORKS)
Led Tail Lights
Bride Racing Bucket Seats (AHEM Shino *COUGH*)
Full Race Roll-Cage
New paint
Replace cracked front windshield
VIP Exhaust Setup

Too lazy to host/post picture for now, but you get the idea.

CV Approved Musix

Supastar – I Love My City

Johnta Austin – Do It All Again

Lloyd – Pusha

Jeff – Insomnia Remix

Young Buck – If I Had To

Crazy Town – Butterfly

Tae Yang – Where U At

Jyshoun – Keep Me High Mastered

Jay Sean – Do You Remember