37th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival (Jang Tuh)

I haven’t been to K-Fest aka Jang Tuh within the past 2-3 years…

This year I had a BLAST w. Violet, J-Paik aka Hyung, Kathy, & Harry King Kong (Nitto Tires)

I’ll def. go to it again for the cheap Soju and great vendor FOODS they sold there!

Go with your close friends or your significant other…or else it wont be much fun.

Especially if your under 21 that is.

For those of you that have never been to K-Fest in Korea Town here is the 411 for ya’ll, so you wont miss out next year.

The 37th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival kicks off today, September 30th to Sunday, October 3rd at Seoul International Park in Koreatown (downtown Los Angeles). The four day outdoor festival hosted by the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation will include food and beverage booths of Korean cuisine, cultural shows, and showcase various international stars in the world of sports and entertainment.

Here are some of the highlights from the event schedule:
* Opening ceremony, with a special appearance from Olympic Gold Medalist Yuna Kim (Thursday)
* Party with the Wonder Girls (Friday)
* 37th Korean Parade (Saturday)
* Special Performance by Kollaboration artists (Sunday)

Some of this year’s major sponsors include Jinro America, Hyundai Motors America, Kia Motors, Toyota, and McDonald’s. For those age 21+, Hite & Jinro will feature games and contests located at the designated Beer Garden. Bring 5 friends to the Beer Garden tent and enjoy a Jinro Soju Cocktail for just a penny!

With over 400,000 expected attendees over the next few days, parking at the festival has been a growing concern. To minimize traffic and parking, consider the use of public transportation such as the Metro buses and rail lines. The LA Korean Festival Foundation have also initiated a free shuttle service that will run hourly between 2-9pm each day.

The LA Clippers Spirit Team will be in attendance Saturday from 2pm to 5pm, and will be available for photos and autographs.

If you’re looking for musical talent, look no further. JYP Entertainment will be making their presence known, as the Wonder Girls are expected to perform on Friday evening for a one-hour segment titled Party with the Wonder Girls. The popular 5-member Korean girl group debuted their first U.S. album, 2 Different Tears, earlier this year. The entertainment company will also be conducting auditions during the festival, seeking out local talent in the hopes of discovering the next big star.

Kollaboration artists are also scheduled to perform throughout the festivities, with the band Feats in Inches and last year’s Kollaboration winner Clara Chung performing Friday afternoon, and several artists set to be onstage Sunday afternoon. For those who are unfamiliar with Clara’s work, be sure to check out her debut album, Art in my Heart, which was released last week.

Bring out your sunscreen and enjoy a dose of Korean culture!

Here are couples videos that we recorded this year for K-Fest!


KTOWN Festival Alcohol Rule

We had to down our drinks before we leave the alcohol section.


Violet said she would take half of 1/4 of the drink left over… I think she tricked me!

Did you guys notice the cutie in the back?

That would be Mr. Kong (Harry Kong) from Nitto Tires

Hubby on Hubby

I put my hyung J-Paik on my shoulders after some few drinks…

J-Paik aka Hyung aka B-Boy Dance

(My favorite Video!)

J-Paik dancing to some OG old school Korean Folk dance music!

She will be on America’s Best Dance Crew on the next SEASON!

Be sure to keep an eye out for her guys!

My hyung seriously got some MADDDD foot work up her sleeves…

Please don’t mind the Evil Violet Witchcraft non-stop laughing LOL!!

They were both being the typical goof balls that they are ~

Definitely worth watching till the end.

Last but not least…


I tried to pants my hyung J-Paik, and ended up B-Boy battling on the plastic flooring ROFL!

Again…don’t mind the witch laughing in the back again PUHAHAHA

Overall I had a BLAST!

Here are some pictures:

One of the MAIN reasons we decided to go to K-Fest.

Duk Bok Eeh with Soon Dae + Kimbap  + 2 Bottles of Soju….

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Till the next 2011 K-Fest…

Violet Stage – Lina 来深圳避寒避寒顺的第二组片子. 去片!!

It is currently 8:37 AM and I have no clue why I am still up…

From the serious lack of sleep from this weekend of going out, K-Town, Power Rangers sessions, Bars, Clubs (Le Cercle/VR) and COREA’s (GO REDS) SOCCER GAME I literally feel like a “Zombie” =_o””

Did I mention Soju, Soju, and Soju x 1000 shots this week?

Don’t even ask why and how I am awake right now…

With all that said… I haven’t posted up any models or hott chicks like I’ve promised when 1st starting this blog/website, so why not re-freshen things back up again shall we?

One of the main reasons for this is bc I did not want this blog to receive hits from Google searches based on “Celebrity Icons or Models” for ex. the infamous “Maria Ozawa” lol

You’ll be amazed on how many hits alone I get from Google from just her name alone daily…

Browsing through the internet and I came across this beauty.

Her name is apparently Lina, I am guessing Taiwanese/Chinese so be nice and enjoy!

Violet Stage

And your probably thinking…I’ll take one Jow3!

On the BONUS note: I bring you not one but TWO CV Approved Musix!

Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd & Twista – Make a Movie

Diggy Simmons ft. Bei Maejor – Great Expectations

Also want to give big shout outs to my fav. Lil Bro aka Dongseng: Mike Yanase for graduating @ UCI Class of 2010!

I would like to say how proud I am of you and that I love you little bro. May I wish you the best of luck for your future life journey that waits ahead of you!

P.S – Chazzy Phizzle if you are reading this…yes…you FAILED me today BIG TIME!! LMFAO I will never forget this day June 12, 2010 = Nissan 370z on Goldenwest/Edinger nuff said PUHAHAHAHA!!