Wow wow & WOW!!

Beyond amazed & speechless…

I got this video off of from my buddy Hani on Facebook.

He says,

“Video Editing at its FINEST!!!!! Loving the Composition, Narration, and Build up”!

“My week is like a 10,018 minute race, 168 hours, that’s a lot of time spent waiting. There are smooth moment, there are thoughtful moments. Everyday I see something new. A fresh energy, like in a 604,800 second race, and you notice to use every minute,…… every second, with its value of life.” 


This Film was made for Nissan‘s upcoming ipad app.
It shows the new (2012) Nissan GT-R facelift in everyday life situations. 

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Directed & Edited by Daniel Michaelis
Originally written by NEWBBDO

Post production by FORMAT67.NET
Assistant Director – Willi Fast

1st Camera – Daniel Michaelis, 2nd Camera Willi Fast, DOP – Daniel Michaelis,
Art Director – Daniel Michaelis, 2nd Art Director – Nicolas Le Moing, Assistant Art Director – Cyril hucleux

Sound Design – Audionerve
Executive Producer – Dany Vives-Jenny, Production assistant – Eric Verdaguer, Production design and Casting – Napua Solsona, Assistant Stylist – Carla Manau, Lights – David Moreno Belmonte

Female Model – Noemi Pereamen
Male Model – Sascha Friedrich


Now for all the ladies…
This jam will make your day.
CV Approved R&B
Jay Sean – Home Bugatti Veyron vs. Nissan GT-R

Due for an update sorry guys!

Got this off my Fresno buddy Marco’s blog:

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This video seriously gave me the chills…especially seeing the spoiler functionality and movement on the Veyron in action!

Never seen an all white Bugatti Veyron either…*SEX ON WHEELS* literally…

Lately I am starting to crave to get myself into the new GT-R *Hmmm* we’ll see within the next couple months =)

Till then enjoy the video, it speaks for itself.


Did I mention the GTR has 730hp…

This is what HWY Battles are all about…

*CANT WAIT TILL MY LEXUS IS300 is done from the shop*

I have the worst craving for speed…TOP END!