Ain’t nothing but a VIP thang!

Good morning “Phen Club” members, it’s time for that PLATINUM VIP UPDATE!

Check out their work/website:

This is how they roll… VIP STYLE!

Shouts to Davis @ IV Films

I wanted to share a good motivational quote for the morning to all the hard working hustlers out there that is up reading this.

“The early bird’s catch all the worms first.”

My boy Chris @ PLATINUM VIP sent me over some more progress pictures of Victoria (BMW M5) with her new fresh painted front bumper installed just this morning.

I wanted you guys to be the first to see.

Installing back the front bumper, you can see my RPI Scoops!

Shouts to my big brother Joe @ Trinity Autosport for hooking me up with all my goodies for Victoria!

(Thank you again for giving me the limited edition “white RPI” stickers for my scoops!)

Now the next step is for her to dry & bake in the sun before applying the 3M clear bra from Mike @ LUX VIP to the car.

Till the next update!

Oh wait I almost forgot, since I feel so generous this morning here is another picture to get you guys going for the day.



All I gotta say is TEAM PLATINUM VIP Korean (Hangook) Division is TAKING OVER.

(Patrick, Abe, & Davis where you at?!?!)

Nuff said…

You ain’t VIP unless…

You get your car done up by the finest shop in southern CA.


Nuff said…

Finally had the chance to drop my BMW M5 aka “Victoria” off while I am away for business.

She is getting her front bumper repainted from being so beat up from the track & rally events I’ve been attending lately.

Not to mention I am finally getting my car clear bra to top it off by Mike from LUX VIP using 3M!

My boy Chris from PLATINUM VIP just sent me over a picture of Victoria, so I wanted to share with ya’ll.

Victoria being pampered…. lol

After this post, I realized I need to post up more pictures of Victoria & such…

People always ask me, “why don’t you ever blog about your foods, places you go, cooking, personal cars, & workouts?

My answer to that is… I guess I get a bit lazy when it comes to my website, but I’ll start changing things up slowly.

My hits are gettting more & more as days go by.

Thanks to all the subscribers, supporters, followers, & most importantly to my PLATINUM PHEN CLUB MEMBERS!

CV Approved Musix

Far East Movement – So What?



(Actual Lincoln used in the movie “THE MATRIX” by: Good Guys)

Man where do I start with this one…

WEK’FEST SF 2010 show weekend was probably one of my highlighted expirences of 2010 by far!

(Well other than my very own Birthday that is…)

Good to share a great experience and weekend with my very own little Korean brother (Dongseng) Mike Yanase helping me out with Richard Carino’s TOP SECRET Toyota Supra for this event.

Unfortunately, Richard Carino’s TOP SECRET Version 2 Toyota Supra was not fully ready in time to attend this show.

I can’t even remember how many times the stupid red top Optima battery died on us but overall it held up like a champion…considering how much voltage and battery power the crazy Supra sucks up during start up -_-”

Again being able to drive Richard Carino’s TOP SECRET Toyota Supra was definitely a fulfilling experience to be remembered for this trip.

I am not going into posting pictures of this event for there is a gazillion websites that has event coverages from this show.

But I will however post this video created by Studio Mountain from the event.

Enjoy, especially for those of you that were not able to make it=FAIL!

Such a well produced video with music and editing!

Shot with Canon 7D

85mm 1.2
50mm 1.4
24mm 2.8

Redrock Shoulder Mount.

Shot and Edited by Michael Nguyen


This was by far one of the best shows I have ever attended period. The guys from Wek’Sos really took their time to organize and plan a great event!

I was blown away to see how many people attended this show on both registered cars + spectators. I clearly remember hearing people saying how they have waited over 2-3 hours alone just to enter the show due to the line being out both 2 level parking garages out to the streets of J-Town in SF.

Top favorite cars @ the show from PLATINUM VIP

It was great seeing familiar faces, yet new ones from this show:

Club Lexus Crew: Glen/Lloyd/Anna/Doug/Ryan

Sonic Motor Sports: Darwin/SF Krew

Good Guys: Solomon

Work Wheels: Logan

Stance Works: Ben

Wek’Fest Staff: JR/Aaron

sorry if I forgot some names.

Most importantly, I was really surprised to even have my very own Phen Club website/blog brought up as well!


Again, this show was off the hook to the point where I could not even walk around without hitting or bumping into someone’s shoulders.

This video says it ALL:

In the end, Richard Carino’s TOP SECRET Toyota Supra ended up taking 2 awards of (Best of Show Toyota + Best Engine Bay).

“In all due respect, I strongly believe this show was not about competition nor will it ever be in my eyes…It was more of a gathering of a group of respectful car enthusiasts who shares the same passion of building car”-

I will definitely be attending this show every year as long as it goes on, and hopefully will get the chance to bring out both my project cars (Lexus IS00 + Nissan 240sx S14). WEK’FEST 2011 HERE WE COME!!

Lastly BIG UPS to my cousin, big brother,  aka family member SOLOMON LEE (S2L) for inviting me to this event!

Hopefully I get to see you sooner than we think eh eh eh *wink wink wink* yeaaaaaa and please….

(NVM I decided to remove this joke regarding your STD’s PUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA)