1 of my TOP 10 FAVORITE CARS to own before I die.

Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4

CV Approved Musix

Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross – John

My drive…

Working each & everyday to get here…

As much as I am into modifying cars, I am all about modifying everything in life as well.

That includes my future home.

One day, someday soon…

This house kind of remind me of Tony Starks home (Iron Man) lol

I somehow want a talking home just like him.

CV Exclusive

The GameĀ  ft. Lil Wayne – Red Nation

R.I.P S13…

Don’t know the full story behind this idiotic move…

But this is what the previous owner wanted before his passing.

I still disagree and see it as a childish act.

There are other ways to keep the car without thinking or having another 16 year old kid buying the car to ruin it.

sad sad sad…

CV Approved Musix

Lil Wayne ft. Drake – Right Above it