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Finally ended up purchasing the “CUSTOM CSS Edit” tool for WordPress.

I got sick of resizing all my nice pictures to such small pixels…

For you Phen Club members!

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Mi futuro casa, si!

Koenigsegg CCX-R

Lamborghini Murci-Murdered LP640 TT: The Rebirth

One badass BULLY I say…

SP Engineering is KILLING IT these days esp. for building my lil 21 yr old Jerry’s R32 GTR

(Which I’ll post up and feature later on…)

Our complete twin turbo upgrade kit for the LP640 has successfully been installed once again. Adding an additional 300+awhp to this beast is enough to speak for itself. All the while the LP has been able to keep its beastly roar from the V12. Needless to say our client is happy with the power gain as well as our attention to detail of the installation.

Key notes are the seamless black fittings, black powdercoated piping, and carbon cover panel!

Big ups to one of the best known and reputable shops here in southern California. They are known to be a bit pricey on their work, but quality is what you pay for in the end.  From what I hear, you can never go wrong for taking your car to SP Engineering.

I always say these quotes to all my buddies:

“Your not a true baller just for buying an Exotic….its when you modify an Exotic that makes you  TRUE BALLER” –

“You got to spend HARD to play HARD” –

George Yang’s 2007 Lotus Exige S

New month new post right??

or it should be at least… -_-”

Sheeesh, I’ve been so caught up with my new job/school/life/etc.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my big bro “George Yang” with one of his many “EXOTICS” he owns.

If I was to own a Lotus myself, I am positive that it would look very similar to how George built it.

I seriously can not get enough of this car…it is so perrfeeccttt = for a Lotus ~

I am def. feeling the extra touch of the JDM Volk wheels setup!!

Big ups to SCOTTCHU Photography on displaying his excellent skills on George’s Lotus.

Now behold ladies and gents…..





George Yang’s 2007 Lotus Exige S

I’d say GREAT Build (2 THUMBS UP) George, I am looking forward to your next car built!!

This is the extra bonus + my FAV. picture by far!!