The Greatest Speech Ever Made.

Truly an inspirational video.

One of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. If you like what you see please share the video any way you can and pass the message on.

Song: Window by The Album Leaf

Sorry guys for the lack of updates…

ittzzzz Kerrriiii babbbbayyyyy!

Keri Hilson


ft. Rick Ross

The Way You Love Me

I seriously JUST HAD TO, dedicated a whole entry dedicated to the one & only:




She looks incredibly amazing in this music video!

Thanks to my buddy Henry for showing me this video at his house.

I am not sure if this is the unrated version, but DAM look at the way she moves her body in this video!

Enough talking, just thank me later!






Here are the HOTT photo images from the video incase you’ve missed them.


On the side note:

Keri Hilson seriously needs a new fashion/entertainment/marketing director.

I say this only because they always make her look uglier in her photos, and videos for some FCUKING reason.

I know she is absolutely stunningly gorgeous, but they keep giving her wack ass outfits & haircuts to make her ugly IMHO.

I don’t know, its just my observation.

Agree or disagree I can care less.

Stance of the Union 2010 l LKPHOTO coverage of Stance of the Union 2010 in Sacramento, CA on October 23, 2010.

Audio: Rad Omen – Rad Anthem
Gear: Canon 5D Mark II, Olympus 28mm f/3.5, Edited in Premiere Pro CS5.


Music added to compliment video. All rights remain to it’s rightful owners.

Video footage copyright LK-PHOTO.COM and it’s photographer Larry Khong. This video may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written consent.


(No clue who she is nor what her name is….)

Care to help find out?

CV Approved Musix

Game ft. Raheem Devaughn – Make Up Sex

Plan BShe Said 16  Bit Remix

Sorry for the lack of updates guys!

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Master Wong’s in SGV + AIMGAIN = VIP Status!

Master Wong’s Foot Massage in SGV = 3 Thumbs up!

Check out this exclusive video brought to you by both: “Phen Club” + “In the life of…”

VIP Access to the infamous Master Wong’s where we get our special $15 1 full hour massages on weekly.

Nuff said… and watch the video!

Part 1

Part 2

Funny Quote: “Straight under cover like BUNNY RANCH shit right here…” – Violet Kim ROFL!!

Next up we have…

Toyota Prius: “the cars for the ELITE” she says…is it?

Well when it comes to VIP Aimgain kits I believe so.

Check out this YAKUZA Murdered out VIP Aimgain Toyota Prius from Japan.

This is really making me love the new Prius more and more…

Don’t ever be surprised to see me roll up in the new Prius one day.

Full Product Shot Front.

Full Product Shot Rear.

Aimgain’s very own roof spoiler.

Dumped on bags and showing closer image of their sideskirts.

Front Bumper with the Lexus badge, which I love!

Money shot! The exhaust reminds me of the Lexus LS460L alot…

Again, I love the rear Lexus badge as well.

Dumped like a G!

Lovely scenic photoshoot.

Another front view shot.

Aimgain’s Toyota Prius coilover suspension to give it the stance you see.

Displaying two different Aimgain style wheels available.

Man this is such a hard stance!

Aimgain’s Toyota Prius VIP Exhaust system.

Does this mean its still eco-friendly?

Nothing better than to touch it up with some Aimgain accessories: VIP carpet, and pedals.

I am guessing these LED lights are used for the side markers?

Last but not least, the interior shot.

VIP Diamond stitching is a must do on any VIP inspired car builds.

CV Approved Musix

Dubby ft. Gorilla Zoe – 99 Bottles

Ice Cube – Man vs. Machine

“Don’t piss me off when I am bumping this song or I’ll shoot you” –

HAHAHAHA remember me saying that guys? lol

Rainy days…makes me feel…

I hate rainy days.

It makes me stay in…

It makes me overly think…

It makes me want more things in life…

It makes me crave soup for no reason…

It makes me crave for some hot chocolate…

It makes me realize all the wrongs in my life…

It makes me realize I am only human…

It makes me want to go back in time…

It makes me want to be better…

It makes me want to do better…

It makes me want to go outside more…

It reminds me of my past memories…

It makes me feel emo…

It makes me feel lonely…

It makes me feel weak…

It makes me think of you…

It makes me want you…

It makes me miss you…

It just gives me infinite amount of thoughts.

2008 ASI Tetsu GTR Bentley GT Continental

I swear this thing looks like a mutant out of space!

Love everything about this build.

I’ve seen and sat in this car numerous times @ car shows, especially @ Sema.

Not a huge Bentley fan, but don’t mind buying one for the wifey to drive oneday…

I miss you my long unforgotten Kuya J.R Avelino L. Rocha.

R.I.P – 9/26/2009

Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about you brotha…

CV Approved Musix

(The perfect new song for the day)

Drake – I Get Lonely Too