Amuse 370z = PURE SEXY TIME!!

I just recently came across this picture on “The Real JDM – Interactive” aka Bulletproofs blog today and man was I blown away!

When the Nissan 370z first came out, I have to admit I HATED IT with PASSION!


As time went by it slowly started growing on me till the day my lil bro Charlie aka Chazzy Phizzle aka Mr. Kallusive bought the Nissan 370z track edition. After being in his car inspecting every aspect of the vehicles performance, style, and def. newly upgraded interior….the result = I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.

Since then I honestly do not mind picking up a white Nissan 370z for myself to build as a new project car.

That being said…

But today is a different story….

Now I can see the real full potential capabilities of what the 370z can pull off when it comes to upgrading its aerodynamics,  performance, and showing off its utmost full JDM style in the industry.

Enough with the jib jabbing, and enjoy the pictures.

I bring you Powerhouse Amuse

Amuse is a leader in ultra premium quality goods. Amuse products can be best summed up by the statement: “The Best Money Can Buy”. Our parent company is Amuse’s authorized distributor for USA.


Pictures brought to you by 370ZTUNE –

This really makes me want to pick up the new Nissan 370z in white to mod as a new project car…