Merry X-Mas from Phen Club!!

I can’t believe 2009 is already over…

Been through many ups and downs, but most importantly GREAT MEMORIES with GREAT old/new friends!! Phen Club would like to wish everyone and their loved ones a Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!!

See you guys in 2010 with better things to come…

HKS Toyota Altezza Drift Car

HKS Nissan 350z owned by: Andy Kim

HKS Mitsubishi EVO CT230R Time Attack

HKS Toyota Aristo Drift Car Version. 1

HKS Toyota Aristo Drift Car Version. 2

Auto Concept Elite – HIN San Mateo Domination April 4, 2009!!

Watch my POS 2 hour editing video I made off Windows Movie Maker…

Yea, don’t laugh I am a NOOB!!

Nuff said… Peep the EXTRA BONUS SCENE + Sean spread his legs wide open for some gay action LMFAO

(Watch in HQ please / Rate it a 5 STAR BITCHZ!!)

Oldie but GOoOoOdie ❤

Since I know some of you will ask for song titles:

Intro – Bow Wow – Rock the Mic

2nd – Rolling shot pic music – Random song I found with no title… instrumental

3rd – Keri Hilson ft. Neyo & Kanye West – Knock You Down

4th – Ya Boy – We Run LA

5th – Timberland ft. Missy E & T-Pain – Talk that Shit

Bonus – Neyo – Miss Independent