R.I.P S13…

Don’t know the full story behind this idiotic move…

But this is what the previous owner wanted before his passing.

I still disagree and see it as a childish act.

There are other ways to keep the car without thinking or having another 16 year old kid buying the car to ruin it.

sad sad sad…

CV Approved Musix

Lil Wayne ft. Drake – Right Above it

JDM GVS Kouki 180sx – Lazy Sunday

If you want to define the perfect 180sx….here it is my friends.

As someone else said on their blog, it seriously brings tears to my eyes of how perfect this build is.

Hands down to one of the FINEST 180sx build ever of being in the 240sx game.

Everything about the car, modifications, music, editing and video = PERFECTION!

Each time I watch this video I get speechless…

Enjoy ya’ll!

The infamous JDM GVS Kouki 180sx.

Username >> kuruptR @ Ziliva.net

Shot with Canon 5D Mark 2
Canon 17-40 F4L
Canon Fish for interior shots

Natural Light

Final Cut Pro
Graded with Magic Bullet Looks


“THE PERFECT DRIFT” D1 GP – Toyo Tires Nissan 240SX S13/RPS13/180SX

Driver: M. Kawabata

Car: Nissan 240SX S13/RPS13/180SX GP Sports

Engine: RB26DETT 600ps

Sponsor/Team: Toyo Tires

Event: 2009 D1 Grand Prix Circa Drift Event

Like the title says, M. Kawabata performs “THE PERFECT DRIFT” IMO of all times @ D1 Grand Prix in Circa on August 2009.

With an outstanding performance and skilled driving being displayed this places M. Kawabata in 1st place @ this event.

For a moment I thought M. Kawabata was going to completely loose control and spin out, but man does he know HOW TO DRIFT SIDEWAYS!!


The facial expressions and reactions on the D1 judges were PRICELESS!!

Did you guys notice the S15 dash in M. Kawabata’s RPS13?

I thought that was pretty bad ass mod/custom work makes me wonder if I can do that in my 240SX S14…hmm…

It must be nice to be a D1 judge while sitting under a shaded area on a custom Bride seat to watch drifting all day long.

Watching this video sure makes me miss my old 91 Nissan 240SX S13 esp. having those Kouki tail lights…