so much… WIN!!

I have no idea who she is… but I came across it on 9K Racing‘s FB Wall Post! (Thanks Joey)

But what I really meant to post is this PURPLE GODZILLA!

Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec in Midnight Purple ❤

I apologize for the lack of posts lately…

Been very busy with both personal & business life at the moment.

Thanks for LOVE guys!

SoBe Staring Contest with Kate Upton

It’s been a while…

Which is why I bring you nothing, but THE BESTEST.

Kate Upton

Nationality: American

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue / green

Date of birth: June 10 1992

Height: 5’10” ; 178cm

Measurements: (US) 33-25-36 ; (EU) 84-63-92

Dress size: (US) 2-4 ; (EU) 32-34

Shoe size: (US) 8.5 ; (EU) 39 ; (UK) 6

Spend some time in the sun with Kate Upton and SoBe in this behind the scenes clip from the SoBe Staring Contest TV commercial shoot. Check out more smokin’ footage at

Try a Staring Contest With Kate Upton: watch the lady herself work some magic on a group of staring SoBe fans. Get ready to Try Everything.

Visit for more.

Woman who smoke….



She is an exception =)

On the real, I have money on that she doesn’t even smoke.

Will somebody please find out who she is!!!



Phone #….


Puhahaha JK!

CV Approved R&B

Jay Sean – Down (Slow Version)

Ain’t nothing but a VIP thang!

Good morning “Phen Club” members, it’s time for that PLATINUM VIP UPDATE!

Check out their work/website:

This is how they roll… VIP STYLE!

Shouts to Davis @ IV Films

I wanted to share a good motivational quote for the morning to all the hard working hustlers out there that is up reading this.

“The early bird’s catch all the worms first.”

My boy Chris @ PLATINUM VIP sent me over some more progress pictures of Victoria (BMW M5) with her new fresh painted front bumper installed just this morning.

I wanted you guys to be the first to see.

Installing back the front bumper, you can see my RPI Scoops!

Shouts to my big brother Joe @ Trinity Autosport for hooking me up with all my goodies for Victoria!

(Thank you again for giving me the limited edition “white RPI” stickers for my scoops!)

Now the next step is for her to dry & bake in the sun before applying the 3M clear bra from Mike @ LUX VIP to the car.

Till the next update!

Oh wait I almost forgot, since I feel so generous this morning here is another picture to get you guys going for the day.



All I gotta say is TEAM PLATINUM VIP Korean (Hangook) Division is TAKING OVER.

(Patrick, Abe, & Davis where you at?!?!)

Nuff said…

Michelle Sanchez lick lick my LOLLIPOP!

Not only is she a great close friend of mine, she is one of the most down to earth girls in the industry today!

I am truly her ALL TIME BIGGEST FAN!


aka MissMiSanchez


Hottie of the WEEK, nuff said.

So you guys think you guys have a chance with MissMiSanchez?

Here is a good DATING TIP!

1. She loves SPAM!!!




It’s a Hawaiian thang!

Enjoy the video below.

Naked Playboy TV Girl Burns Rubber in $170,000 Drift Car!


I want to give shouts to one of my tire sponsors:


Thank you for the set of Nitto NT-05 tires for Victoria!

You guys are THE BESTEST. This sexy nude girl trashes a really expensive drift car! Watch her try to drive stick shift – FAIL.

The comments on this video are hilarious…

This is the highest rated comment *thumbs up*

“This is the type of girl you dump after you’re done screwing because she’s so fucking dumb”.


UPDATE: Just spoke with Harry Kong my buddy who is the marketing director for Nitto Tires and he said she blew out the power steering pump on the BMW after the shoot…

Lesson Learned: Never let a HOT NAKED playboy model drive your modded car, NO MATTER HOW HOTT SHE IS!

Now the big question is…

Would you let her drive your car?

She goes by the name of Kitty Lee.



WALD International E60 M5


WALD International E60 M5 Kit:

I wish they had a “Black Bison” version for the E60 M5, but I am sure they will have it for the new M5 in 2011.

We shall see…

CV Exclusive Musix Video

Yelawolf ft. Gucci Mane – I Just Wanna Party

(The next big Hip Hop Rapper / Eminem)

Hottie of the WEEK!

Trisha Lynn

Stance of the Union 2010 l LKPHOTO coverage of Stance of the Union 2010 in Sacramento, CA on October 23, 2010.

Audio: Rad Omen – Rad Anthem
Gear: Canon 5D Mark II, Olympus 28mm f/3.5, Edited in Premiere Pro CS5.


Music added to compliment video. All rights remain to it’s rightful owners.

Video footage copyright LK-PHOTO.COM and it’s photographer Larry Khong. This video may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written consent.


(No clue who she is nor what her name is….)

Care to help find out?

CV Approved Musix

Game ft. Raheem Devaughn – Make Up Sex

Plan BShe Said 16  Bit Remix

Sorry for the lack of updates guys!

Sit back & enjoy the wave of updates coming soon!


Happy Wife Appreciation Day!

Megan Fox…needless me to say more?

“the tip?”

The new face of Emporio Armani Woman’s Underwear and Jeans.

For you noobs, she was the reason why 99% of men world wide watched this one certain movie called “Transformer”

aka “official adult toy movie” they call it…

Now for the big question.

Would you have taken the money or not?

Don’t lie…

Be true to yourself….

Comment with your answer if you have balls!

Man I got so caught up with Megan Fox I forgot to explain what “Wife Appreciation Day” is….

So here it is.

What is the Origin of this holiday?

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this holiday. This holiday is referred to as a “National” day.  However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day. Even though we didn’t, this is still a holiday that is publicized to celebrate. So have fun with it and celebrate it!

For you married, single, lonely, horny, depressed, happy or whatever man you are.

Tell someone special like your wifey or a future potential wife of yours that today on September 19th is the official “National Wife Appreciation Day”!

This day is to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in the month of September.

So run along, it is not too late…DON’T FREAK OUT!

Think outside the box for once, step up your “A GAME” and get that crazy creative mind out of your system.

This doesn’t consist of you digging deep into your pockets to buy yourself out of it either…

Take the time off of your daily routine to do something clever buy kissing her nonstop, because in most cases… I don’t think many woman truly are aware of this holiday.

Go buy that someone special a boutique of flowers, cook dinner, clean the house or do something spontaneous to make them the special woman/wife that they are to you in your life.

In conclusion, show that special someone that you truly care and how much you appreciate her for being a part in your life.

I hope this helps all you fellow Phen Club members and earns you that extra “Brownie point”  guaranteed by me that you’ve been longing for from your woman.

Oh and for me?

I already took the time to do so for my special someone ❤

P.S – Man this is the most I’ve ever written on my Phen Club blog….

CV Exclusive Musix:

Jaicko Lawrence – Callin

TITS! = Megan Daniels

TITS = “Two in the Shirt” lol very clever ~

This Cuban model is just B a N g I  n  ! !

Best part in the video: 0:59

“There she is, OH SHIT”! hahaha

Producer: Estevan Oriol

Model: Megan Daniels

Shot by: Willie T

(Somebody correct me if I am wrong)

She is so bad ass I swear…better yet DEFINES IT!

I can’t seem to find anything wrong with her, are my white girl fetish’s coming back?

Never was into woman with a whole lot of tattoos till Megan Daniel’s came around…

Definitely changes my perspectives towards ink on woman.

Now let the comments ROCK N ROLL!!

Violet Stage – Lina 来深圳避寒避寒顺的第二组片子. 去片!!

It is currently 8:37 AM and I have no clue why I am still up…

From the serious lack of sleep from this weekend of going out, K-Town, Power Rangers sessions, Bars, Clubs (Le Cercle/VR) and COREA’s (GO REDS) SOCCER GAME I literally feel like a “Zombie” =_o””

Did I mention Soju, Soju, and Soju x 1000 shots this week?

Don’t even ask why and how I am awake right now…

With all that said… I haven’t posted up any models or hott chicks like I’ve promised when 1st starting this blog/website, so why not re-freshen things back up again shall we?

One of the main reasons for this is bc I did not want this blog to receive hits from Google searches based on “Celebrity Icons or Models” for ex. the infamous “Maria Ozawa” lol

You’ll be amazed on how many hits alone I get from Google from just her name alone daily…

Browsing through the internet and I came across this beauty.

Her name is apparently Lina, I am guessing Taiwanese/Chinese so be nice and enjoy!

Violet Stage

And your probably thinking…I’ll take one Jow3!

On the BONUS note: I bring you not one but TWO CV Approved Musix!

Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd & Twista – Make a Movie

Diggy Simmons ft. Bei Maejor – Great Expectations

Also want to give big shout outs to my fav. Lil Bro aka Dongseng: Mike Yanase for graduating @ UCI Class of 2010!

I would like to say how proud I am of you and that I love you little bro. May I wish you the best of luck for your future life journey that waits ahead of you!

P.S – Chazzy Phizzle if you are reading this…yes…you FAILED me today BIG TIME!! LMFAO I will never forget this day June 12, 2010 = Nissan 370z on Goldenwest/Edinger nuff said PUHAHAHAHA!!