It’s been 2.5 years…

Yup…2.5 years and counting since the last time I got to ride in my “Lexy”.

This picture is classic and man have things changed…

Hopefully within the next couple months she will be up and running like the true “CHAMP” she is.

(Yes still Best Friends <3)

“Mr. Tchamillionaire

“TED, WE GOT NO ENGINES… DO WE?!?!” – The Fast & the Furious

This reminds me to post up this video from youtube.

“The Fast & the Furious” 2001 THE OG OF ALL OG car movies of ALL TIME!!

Till this day this movie is still considered to be on my top 5 ALL TIME FAVORITES!! Lexus IS300 Feature

I recently sent over some pictures to Mr. Logan to help contribute to his new “i put in WORK” website/blog of cars sporting only WORK Wheels.

I have do admit, this is such a catchy named website/blog idea to come out yet!!

Thanks for featuring my Lexus IS300 on your website/blog page buddy, anything to help a fellow car enthusiast brotha out!!

Check out Logan’s kick ass website with the SYKEST cars rockin only WORK Wheels =

Main blog post:

Jowe Lee sent me some images and info on his heavily modified Lexus IS300, shown here. The front mount should be an indicator that he’s upgraded more than just the looks of this vehicle.

Close up shot of the car (sans graphics) shows the WORK XSA-02C wheels, which were custom powdercoated gold by Jowe. The end result is similar to the Light Metallic Gold (LMG) Finish that is available on the 02C (from the factory).  Fitment under his fender flares is a 19×8.5+36 F & 19×9.5+45 R.

According to Jowe, his vehicle is currently going through a revision, soon to be a BN Sports US Demo Vehicle. Look forward to seeing what the next version will look like.

Finalllllyyy!! Thank You Brian Filoteo <3 Intro Post ^.^”


Believe it or not, but today is the day I start my official  Phen Club WordPress Blog!!

I am not in the mood to write too much because I tried writing my first intro post couple months ago and when I was finished the DAM FREAKIN COMPUTER FROZE ON ME… which led to deleting all my writings, pictures etc. etc. blehhh

This blog is strictly going to be about my life…cars…girls…funny shizz…girls…girls…and did I mention GIRLS!!

If your name is Brian or Shino that jacks off to every thing and everyone, believe me.. THIS WILL BE YOUR FAV. #1 BLOG!!


Name: Jowe Kyu Lee aka “jOw3” aka “itzjOw3” aka “” aka “Prince” aka “Prince oF KTOWN” aka (PRINCESS/TINKERBELL -_-” Don’t ask….stupid ass Nick ❤ started this non-sense…)

Ethnicity: Pure 100% Korean

Location: Oxnard, Bakersfield, Irvine, Los Angeles, Arcadia, Glendale you name it !! = So Cali

Cars: 2003 Lexus IS300 / 1995 Nissan 250sx SE

Team: Auto Concept Elite / Model Coordinator

Party Krew: Eccentric Aces “Poppin Bottles, Flossin Models, Livin it up!!” – Aces

Goal: Dentist in the making…D.D.S Lee / Dr. Lee

Now lets get the PARTY STARTED BITCHZ!!

ADDX French Magazine Feature Febuary 2008


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Till then.. ENJOY !!