The Chase – BMW RR vs. BMW M3

Just got back from my 1st BIMMERFEST event of 2011.

I can’t find my cord to plug into my digital camera to upload the pictures I took from the event.

Nothing too crazy like I thought it would be…

I think it has alot to do with the factor that I just came back from MFEST V & Targa Trophy Rally event.

Like I said earlier on both Twitter & Facebook.

“Bimmerfest was exactly what I expected it to be this year”. – Jowe Kyu Lee

Check out this video I found from

Finally, here’s how the racing duel went – Rico and Nico are friends and they wanted to find out which one’s faster: A BMW S 1000 RR or a BMW M3. We gave them the chance for a little extra tuning, put them on a racetrack and filmed the race. What was your guess?

V-BT Racing BT92 V10 5.8 BMW M3

Words from the infamous: Gustav from

Thank you for always sharing the best news on the boards!

This was one very special BMW M3 V10 stroker in a carbon body, wiedened with full leather, even in the trunk and over the BMW Perfromance seats and steering wheel: Exteriour and hweels are not my style, but interiour and engine I beleive it had formerly the name Brabham Racing?

V-BT Racing BT 92 V10 5,8 BMW M3
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


One day my little brother Hani Monay will be at this level for sure!

BMW E92 M3 Vorsteiner GTRS3

Vorsteiner has just released the first images and video of the Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 E92 package which obviously brings some major styling modifications to the German coupe. We still don’t know what hides under the hood of the Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 E92, but we guess there are some performance enhancements too.

The Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 E92 features a wide body kit with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheel arches. The Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 E92 also features a new hood and a new rear diffuser. The aerodynamics package of the Vorsteiner GTRS3 BMW M3 E92 is made mostly from carbon fiber.

It is said that the tuner announced this kit to be limited to only 100 produced and rumored selling at the rate of $25k.

Big ups to Vorsteiner’s creativity, and bringing something new to the table.

I am definitely diggin the matte green paint job with the wheel setup.

With all that being said, check out the video they made to show every aspect in details.