How much BALLS do you have?


1300 – 1500hp

TT Lambo’s


300hp Busa

1100hp TT Viper


1200hp Supra


The pictures speak for themselves…

You get what you pay for.

“You got to spend HARD to play HARD”!

Coming Home – Jayesslee/P.Diddy

When I am feeling down, I visit 1 of my favorite channels on Youtube.


These girls are so wonderful.

Highly blessed with their talented voices & beauty.

Was having a depressing night till after hearing these girls new song!

Thank you!


We’ve written the verses to the chorus of “Coming Home” by P.Diddy ft. Skylar Grey. We heard it on the radio and the lyrics moved us, so we were inspired tell a story of a lost man who had nothing left after wasting his fortune on all the wrong things.

I’m coming home coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away
All the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits
They’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home

What is this feeling of pain or is it shame
Walking alone down this lonely road
How do I stop the rain from falling down from the sky
Straight into my life
Or maybe it will wash away
All the memories
Of how I used to be
Squandering my wealth in wild living
Never giving
Well now I’m ready to go


Remember all the lions prowling ’round me
Wasn’t a moment where it was easy
Makin’ sure I stayed outta line
Took everything that was mine
But what was even mine to begin with
Now that I’ve come to my senses
I now see the answers
There’s only one way to go

V-BT Racing BT92 V10 5.8 BMW M3

Words from the infamous: Gustav from

Thank you for always sharing the best news on the boards!

This was one very special BMW M3 V10 stroker in a carbon body, wiedened with full leather, even in the trunk and over the BMW Perfromance seats and steering wheel: Exteriour and hweels are not my style, but interiour and engine I beleive it had formerly the name Brabham Racing?

V-BT Racing BT 92 V10 5,8 BMW M3
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


One day my little brother Hani Monay will be at this level for sure!

1 Buff 1

CF Widebody 135i


Engine Performance:
JB3 tuning module
Active Autowerke Intercooler and charge pipe
Active Autowerke Speed delimiter
Riss Racing Downpipe
Momentum Performance Dual 2.5” Aluminum Race exhaust
AFE Dual cone intake
Twin Setrag oil coolers
Custom crank breather and power steering reservoir
UUC Double shear selector rod
Active Autowerke Short shift kit
Momentum Performance Solid motor and tranny mounts

Suspension/ drivetrain:
Anze/ Penske triple adjustable coilovers
H&R front and rear sway bars
Front M3 control arms
Custom rear chromolly control arms with Aurora rod ends
M3 rear lower camber arms
Solid aluminum solid subframe and diff mount bushings
Quafe limited slip

Stock Brembo calipers and rotors
Carbotec Brake pads
Evolution racewerks stainless braided lines
Carbon fiber brake ducts
Custom Alcon Brake System in the works

Aeromotion Wing
18×11, 18x 12 CCW Classic wheels
315/ 335 hoosier r6’s
Racetech Carbon fiber seats

Got Balls? = Red Bull Rampage!


These guys have 9 lives…

The Finals

Red Bull Rampage


With wild skies above him and 1,500 feet of vertical drop below, Cameron Zink persevered over the obstacles to become the 2010 Red Bull Rampage champion. Twenty-one of mountain biking‘s best riders threw down all they had while battling wild weather, but when the skies cleared it was Zink who took home the trifecta — the contest win, Utah Sports Commission Best Trick Award and the Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour season overall title.

ittzzzz Kerrriiii babbbbayyyyy!

Keri Hilson


ft. Rick Ross

The Way You Love Me

I seriously JUST HAD TO, dedicated a whole entry dedicated to the one & only:




She looks incredibly amazing in this music video!

Thanks to my buddy Henry for showing me this video at his house.

I am not sure if this is the unrated version, but DAM look at the way she moves her body in this video!

Enough talking, just thank me later!






Here are the HOTT photo images from the video incase you’ve missed them.


On the side note:

Keri Hilson seriously needs a new fashion/entertainment/marketing director.

I say this only because they always make her look uglier in her photos, and videos for some FCUKING reason.

I know she is absolutely stunningly gorgeous, but they keep giving her wack ass outfits & haircuts to make her ugly IMHO.

I don’t know, its just my observation.

Agree or disagree I can care less.

Would I ever?

Seems to me like most of the M5 owners on later trade in their M5’s for an M6.

I love the M6, but to me it’s still considered the same car don’t cha think?

I’d rather upgrade away from a ///M car.

Maybe into something like a Porsche?

Peep this M6 from I cam across today.

His user ID is:



2008 Black Saphire / Black Merino / SMG

RPi Ram Air Kit and Block Off Plates, RPi ST Underdrive Pulley Kit, RPi GTS Exhaust System (Section 1, 2, 3), RPi Headers Jet-Hot Coated, RPi Oil Cooler, ESS/RPI Stage 2 ECU Tune, KW V3 Coil Overs, 20″ BBS LM-R in Diamond Black

Nonetheless, GREAT CAR & PHOTOS!

Very wisely chosen lists of mods & tastefully done just right!

CV Approved Trance

Pendulum – Island Part 1

(I seriously CAN NOT playing this song on REPEAT!)

CV Approved R&B

Miguel – Sure Thing

UFC 128: Shogun vs. JOHN BONES JONES!

Live Saturday

March 19th


If your miss it your a loser…lol


Never was a fan of Shogun although I respect him as a fighter.

But on the real, I put my money on my boy John “Bones” Jones!

I’ve been a fan since he 1st debuted into the UFC.

Love his unorthodox style of fighting, which is very similar to Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

Those 2 at it would the FIGHT TO SEE!

If you guys have no idea what or who I am talking about, just watch the promo video below.


Finally someone does it!

It was about time…

Big ups to the guys at TRACK CULTURE!

S85 M5 V10 Engine = BEAST MODE!

Peep the video below.


My condolences goes out to all the heart broken families in Japan today.

One of the Japan news agency’s estimated over 88,000 people missing…

This is such a tragic loss for so many families I’m still in denial about this incident.