Dre. Dre – I Need A Doctor

Dr. Dre does it again like he will for the rest of his life.

This video is awesome!

CV Approved Musix

Dr. Dre ft. Eminem – I Need A Doctor

Is it me or did Dr. Dre get YOKED?!?!?

Which Exotics do you prefer?

We all love “exotics” don’t we?

Well which do you prefer over the other?

A very good question of the day to ponder through… don’t you think?




How about…



Lastly, lets not forget:

Miranda Kerr ❤

CV Approved Musix

Wiz Khalifa ft. Too Short – On My Level

ACE @ Tuner Wars 2011

My team car team: Auto Concept Elite


Show: Tuner Wars 2011

Good jobs taking home what we deserve guys!


Show Results:

Congrats to our teammates on the East Coast!

Dave’s S-Max S14 won best performance

Richard’s Amuse S2000 won best import

Manny’s FD was in the top 60 cars overall, a newly recruited Dodge Dart won 2nd place in the old school muscle street class, and the CLS won best euro!

Way to go guys! Reppin’ ACE hard



Best FMIC/Intercooler system in the market.

Nuff said.

Big ups to: Manny & Dave + EAST COAST ACE CHAPTER!

I had to put this video up for this post!

CV Approved Musix

DJ Khaled

“All I Do Is Win”

feat. Ludacris

Rick Ross


Snoop Dogg



Skittle Dreams

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

My future dream car comes in all different variety of colors.

Which one should I go with?

Or how many of them should I own for just the color…

Hmmm… decisions decisions lol

My current wallpaper on my Mac.

Matte Pink?

Matte Purple?

Bianco Balloon White?


OG Orange?

Lime Green?

Murdered Black?

Blood Red?

Bumble Bee Yellow?

Ultimate VIP GS430: Devil In A New Dress

By far the BEST Lexus GS430 ever to built in the VIP form in the states!

I’ve spoken with the owner Joe couple times at the shows, and all I can say is that he put his heart & soul into this project.

I don’t think there will ever be another Lexus GS that would be able to touch nor top this VIP car.

Check out this video in HD!

Shout outs to AUTO FASHION for building the sykest VIP cars of all time!

Dude Blvds first video shoot!

We shot this short with a Canon Rebel T2i and also a Sony NEX-5. The Sony NEX-5 was hard to shoot with because while in video mode it uses Auto Focus which doesnt always focus on what you would like it to.

Thank you to all who helped put this project together and I hope everyone enjoys the finished product.

Comments and advice are appreciated.

Oh & BTW this car is for sale! =)



I think too many times, people forget, that our lives are shaped by the choices we individually make.  Every decision we make, no matter how big, or how small somehow shapes the outcome of our “destiny”.  Sure some of us are dealt better cards than others, but nothing is set in stone.  As long as you have the will to make those hard decisions, and are willing to actually pursue your dreams then  EVERYTHING and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING is possible.  If you think something is impossible…that’s a choice and a decision that you made…don’t limit yourself…become legendary.

Words by: Robert Chew www.asiangiant.wordpress.com

Love it.

I couln’t have said it any better.

Nicely put & said Robert aka Chewbacca!

Sorry guys for the lack of updates.

– Jowe


Wow wow & WOW!!

Beyond amazed & speechless…

I got this video off of from my buddy Hani on Facebook.

He says,

“Video Editing at its FINEST!!!!! Loving the Composition, Narration, and Build up”!

“My week is like a 10,018 minute race, 168 hours, that’s a lot of time spent waiting. There are smooth moment, there are thoughtful moments. Everyday I see something new. A fresh energy, like in a 604,800 second race, and you notice to use every minute,…… every second, with its value of life.” 


This Film was made for Nissan‘s upcoming ipad app.
It shows the new (2012) Nissan GT-R facelift in everyday life situations. 

For more informations visit gtrnissan.eu/

Directed & Edited by Daniel Michaelis
Originally written by NEWBBDO

Post production by FORMAT67.NET
Assistant Director – Willi Fast

1st Camera – Daniel Michaelis, 2nd Camera Willi Fast, DOP – Daniel Michaelis,
Art Director – Daniel Michaelis, 2nd Art Director – Nicolas Le Moing, Assistant Art Director – Cyril hucleux

Sound Design – Audionerve
Executive Producer – Dany Vives-Jenny, Production assistant – Eric Verdaguer, Production design and Casting – Napua Solsona, Assistant Stylist – Carla Manau, Lights – David Moreno Belmonte

Female Model – Noemi Pereamen
Male Model – Sascha Friedrich


Now for all the ladies…
This jam will make your day.
CV Approved R&B
Jay Sean – Home