Musix 2 my ears… Akrapovic Exhaust.

Ferrari 458 Italia rocking the full titanium Akrapovi exhaust.

2010 Sema booth setup, AMAZING!

Full exhaust product line show case.

I can just imagine what sound comes through these pipes!


Do yourself a favor and TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS TO FULL BLAST!

All I can say is that you get what you pay for.

Check out their website and see all the attention (welding) to details.

The “REAL” JDM Altezza

True JDM RHD Altezza in Ukraine.

I recently saw this browsing through my daily forums:

Enough with the jibber jabbering and peep this drift inspired Toyota Altezza!

JDM Elixir full kit + Type 2 hood.

(Def. needs to loose the cheap APR canards)

Wheels: 18×9.5 & 18×10.5 SSR Koenig Monsters wrapped in 215/35/18 & 225/35/18

Love the rear fender flare add on similiar to my very own setup!

Side rear view, for a second I would of guessed this being a 240sx S13 hatch!

Cockpit in which you would normally see in a drift inspired vehicle.

SIDE NOTE: To all you NOOBIES, NOOBS, NEWBS, NEWBIES, and BOOBIES this is NOT a LEXUS. It is an genuine Toyota Altezza.

CV Exclusive Musix

Jamie  Foxx ft. Rick Ross – Livin Better Now