GT5 aka Gran Turismo 5 INTRO.

After all these years… the day has COME!

GT5 is officially released in stores for you to own/buy!

I am sure if your a true GT5 fanatic you would have had one reserved at your nearest GAME STOP months ago…

Unfortunately I don’t own a PS3 (yes yes I know) so owning the game would be pointless.

Till I find the perfect TV that suites me I can’t own up to buying a PS3 just yet.

Well for now, I’ll just enjoy the Youtube game plays that are recorded.

Enjoy the first glimpse of the all new Gran Turismo 5 game intro!

Please enlarge your Youtube player and watch it in full HD 720p

USA Version

Japanese Version

Side Note: Did you guys notice in 4:37 in the USA Version there is the NEW PRIUS racing challenge?!?!

HAHAHA sorry, but I had to point that out for my girlfriend for driving such an “ELITE” car.

(In which I am in love with)

JDM Toyota Prius Type-R FTW!!

Last but not least…

My unforgotten brother JR Rocha’s High End G37 TT being played in GT5.

Auto Concept Elite REPRESENTIN!

I am still truly amazed on all the attention to details on my teammates car they put in towards this game.

It’s crazy to know that I’ve driven this car too and it looks 100% identical to the real life car!

The games graphics are amazing, and I don’t think there will ever be any other car game that would even come close to being better than any Gran Turismo games.

Nuff said.

1 of my TOP 10 All time favorite cars to own/love!

Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670-4 SV Super Veloce

Quick Spec by:

Engine = V12

670 = HP: Horse Power

LP = Longitudinal Position

-4 = AWD: All Wheel Drive

SV = Super Veloce

This car has landed on my #2 as one of my TOP 10 All time favorite cars to own/love.

Keep in my this car is all wheel drive hence the dash 4 after the 670.

I can’t seem to stop myself from watching this video over and over again…

Just imagining myself in this car and driving it around the city…the frwys…canyons…tracks…wherever the car wants to take me.

Richard Hammond travels to Abu Dhabi to road test the Lamborghini Murcielago. There’s even time for a drag race between the lights against a Mercedes SLR before heading back to England for Stig of Arabia’s power lap of the Top Gear track. Go to to see a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don’t forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews.

haha is it me or did Richard Hammond grow out his hair just for this video to match up with the car?

Surely the long hair with the Miami style button up beach shirt fits him well in this video, in fact PERFECTLY! lol

Just wait…

Don’t be surprised to see rolling around in the Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670-4 SV sooner than you think.

(Keep in mind this video is old, hence why they said this Lamborghini was the fastest one built by them.)

We all know the Lamborghini Reventon is the fastest Lambo they produce now aka VEYRON EATER!

Or is it…?

Enjoy the TOP GEAR video, because I absolutely love their videos and very much enjoy their criticisms towards cars.

Sorry on the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with work & my life coming into place first.

Also the PC is down for me to update myself on CV Approved/Exclusive Musix!

WALD International E60 M5


WALD International E60 M5 Kit:

I wish they had a “Black Bison” version for the E60 M5, but I am sure they will have it for the new M5 in 2011.

We shall see…

CV Exclusive Musix Video

Yelawolf ft. Gucci Mane – I Just Wanna Party

(The next big Hip Hop Rapper / Eminem)

Hottie of the WEEK!

Trisha Lynn

Musix 2 my ears… Akrapovic Exhaust.

Ferrari 458 Italia rocking the full titanium Akrapovi exhaust.

2010 Sema booth setup, AMAZING!

Full exhaust product line show case.

I can just imagine what sound comes through these pipes!


Do yourself a favor and TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS TO FULL BLAST!

All I can say is that you get what you pay for.

Check out their website and see all the attention (welding) to details.

The “REAL” JDM Altezza

True JDM RHD Altezza in Ukraine.

I recently saw this browsing through my daily forums:

Enough with the jibber jabbering and peep this drift inspired Toyota Altezza!

JDM Elixir full kit + Type 2 hood.

(Def. needs to loose the cheap APR canards)

Wheels: 18×9.5 & 18×10.5 SSR Koenig Monsters wrapped in 215/35/18 & 225/35/18

Love the rear fender flare add on similiar to my very own setup!

Side rear view, for a second I would of guessed this being a 240sx S13 hatch!

Cockpit in which you would normally see in a drift inspired vehicle.

SIDE NOTE: To all you NOOBIES, NOOBS, NEWBS, NEWBIES, and BOOBIES this is NOT a LEXUS. It is an genuine Toyota Altezza.

CV Exclusive Musix

Jamie  Foxx ft. Rick Ross – Livin Better Now