K-RAP COME UPS! feat. IZ (454 Life Entertainment)

I heard some of his flows in Far East Movements songs like “I Party” etc.

Browsed through some youtube videos by them and IZ came up. He seems to be signed with a record label company called “454 Life Entertainment“.

Love his OG techno/trance beats he uses for his lyrics.┬áIt’s nice to see Korean Rappers come up here in the states and represent Hip Hop in numerous ways from being underground or just freestyling.

Keep it up G!

IZ – Paper Chaser

IZ – Never Fall

IZ – Roll With A Gangsta

Last but not least, my fav. track from 454 Life Entertainment:

454 Life Entertainment ft. Drew Dreezy, Numb Trump, & Thai – Go Hard

Did I mention their tracks are all “CV Approved” haha good stuff, check them out!