B & W bc we go way back…

Loved you since I was 17 years old…and still do.

CV Approved K-Pop Musix:

Taeyang ft. G-Dragon – I Need a Girl

I think I need me a girl…

Tommy Kaira Toyota Prius

I’d get the new Toyota Prius just for this kit, and make it VIP to the MAX!!

I don’t understand why people hate on the Prius so much these days, but man I love everything about them!

Japanese car tuning specialists Tommy Kaira have created a modified version of the third-generation Toyota Prius, which is one of the top selling hybrids. All of the customizations are cosmetic because the tuning company didn’t want to hinder fuel economy, since that is the reason people buy the Prius in the first place. The front end received a completely redesigned look with the addition of a front lip spoiler and air intake vents. Lowering the ride height of the Toyota Prius is an aftermarket suspension kit to add to the new sporty look. It also received new larger wheels and tires because the wheels on most hybrid models are pathetic.

Tommy Kaira installed a new rear bumper in the back, and underneath is a four pipe exhaust system fitted nicely. Along the exterior of the body they removed the eco-friendly decals and badging, as well as the Toyota badging in the front. Prices for the conversion by Tommy Kaira on the Toyota Prius have yet to be released.

I guess it is more of a “love or hate” thing.

but I love it!!

It’s been 2.5 years…

Yup…2.5 years and counting since the last time I got to ride in my “Lexy”.

This picture is classic and man have things changed…

Hopefully within the next couple months she will be up and running like the true “CHAMP” she is.

(Yes still Best Friends <3)

“Mr. Tchamillionaire

“TED, WE GOT NO ENGINES… DO WE?!?!” – The Fast & the Furious

This reminds me to post up this video from youtube.

“The Fast & the Furious” 2001 THE OG OF ALL OG car movies of ALL TIME!!

Till this day this movie is still considered to be on my top 5 ALL TIME FAVORITES!!

My Wifey… Hyori Lee

Hence why her last name is Lee, bc we are officially married.

Sorry guys.

But please dont let that stop you from being a true FAN of Hyori Lee.

What more do you want to hear from me…

Sorry for the lack of updates again!

Thanks to J Dub for finding this picture of my wifey lol

TITS! = Megan Daniels

TITS = “Two in the Shirt” lol very clever ~

This Cuban model is just B a N g I  n  ! !

Best part in the video: 0:59

“There she is, OH SHIT”! hahaha

Producer: Estevan Oriol

Model: Megan Daniels

Shot by: Willie T

(Somebody correct me if I am wrong)


She is so bad ass I swear…better yet DEFINES IT!

I can’t seem to find anything wrong with her, are my white girl fetish’s coming back?

Never was into woman with a whole lot of tattoos till Megan Daniel’s came around…

Definitely changes my perspectives towards ink on woman.

Now let the comments ROCK N ROLL!!