Supermade Zenki VIP FLUSH’NESS!

Recently a member on a thread that I subscribe to on the forums called Zenki Love on Zilvia posted up his new GANSGTA Supermade VIP setup similar to mine, yet BETTER!

Jowe jealous? Yes, indeed!

Now this gives me a great idea on how my setup will look once I get around the time to install all my new parts in my living room -_-” + paint bla bla bla ~

With that said…

Zilvia Member ID: aznevoviii from Maryland

-7.5 camber in rear -4 front

19 x 9 et-27 & 19 x 10 et-29
no overfenders (just roll + pull + bodywork…LOL)

Major mods on this car that I know of:

– Supermade Instant Gentleman Full Kit

– LSx Engine Swap

– VIP SSR/LOWENHART Deep Dish 19′ inch Wheels

– Bride Racing Seats

– Blast-pipe Exhaust

– Kouki Tail lights

– Aftermarket Gunmetal Paint Job



On the side note: I gave my girl (240sx S14) a new name = Dahae

Why a Korean name…don’t ask but it means EVERYTHING as in she does EVERYTHING I please ❤

4 responses to “Supermade Zenki VIP FLUSH’NESS!

    • I agree but appearance wise I think it looks bad ass…I know how it is like driving with just -2.5 chamber in the rear and believe me…it eats up tires having you to change them every month -_-”

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