Revived!! BACK IN ACTION!!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts recently due to “family coming first” and being out of town for business for the past two months.

Nuff talk and lets start blogging…

Ever since I picked up a Nissan 240sx being that it was a S13 Chasis, I’ve officially hopped on the late band-wagon of being a 240sx / Zilvia FANATIC (Ask anyone) -_-”

With that said…I am literally on the computer constantly searching for every new/old parts out for a 240sx when I get the chance.

For those that do not know, within two months of owning my 91′ Twin Cam S13 Fastback/Hatch  (Slightly modded) I ended up trading someone for a 95′ Zenki S14.

By owning an S14 my first initiative was to do a Kouki conversion, but by spending numerous amount of hours…days…months…of studying on this car, I have come to realize and respect the Zenki for what it is.

In other words I had “Zenki Love”.

Here are couple pictures of some syk S14’s that I am a huge fan of.

Zilvia Member’s S14 Kouki Drift Project

Courtney Day’s S14 VIP Zenki (Yes…the Falken model’s)

Fatlace’s S14 Zenki Drift Car

BN Sports S14 Blister Widebody Demo Car

Vertex S14 Ridge Widebody Demo Car

URAS S14 Demo Car

GP Sports S14 Demo Car

Rocket Bunny’s S14 Demo Car

These are just a couple few off the top of my list for now…

“Random Video of the day LOL”

Tokyo Drift…somebody has wayyyyyy too much time on their hands, but hilarious!

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