Risky Devil – Sunday Funday !

If you guys don’t know who/what RISKY DEVIL is by now, I don’t know what to say…

Not to mention, RISKY DEVIL‘s main logo is MAD SYKKK ~ I remember asking AJ (IS300) where I can get a hold of one and he replied “Not unless you hold a drift going 80mph…”

HAHAHA I guess I need to practice more drifting before I can rock one of their skull main logos =P

These guys are the real true drift/street race team from Chicago holdin it down with the sykest videos + photos.

Mad props to RISKY DEVIL crew for holding it down @ ASB 2009 just this past weekend.


Unfortunately I did not make time to head out to this event, but the photo coverages def. made me regret not showing up… boooooooo -_-”

Here is a random video of what the guys from RISKY DEVIL do for fun!!

One response to “Risky Devil – Sunday Funday !

  1. dang, yall are crazy, the best part was when yall were riding 3 deep and then one started sideways other then the other one, in a zig zag line,

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