Takin it back in to 2007 HIN Los Angeles

Man oh man…where do I start?

HIN LA aka “SUPER BOWL” of all car shows, I remember this day as if it was just yesterday.

This was honestly when HIN aka Hot Import Nights was @ its peak IMO.

Due to my Powerdyne Stage II Supercharger being blown along with my car being ref’d, I had no other choice but to tow my car for the early Friday roll-in for HIN LA 2007 show.


Here is Chaz aka Charlie Tsai aka Chazzy Phizzle aka Chuck Tsai aka Mr. Kallusive driving up my Lexus IS300 up one of the sykest AAA’s EXOTIC special car tow trucks.

If you listen carefully, Charlie scrapes my HKS Hiper carbon-ti exhaust…

-_-” but then again, what can I say, they didn’t even use any blocks to load up my IS300 for once!!

Going up!!


Risky Devil – Sunday Funday !

If you guys don’t know who/what RISKY DEVIL is by now, I don’t know what to say…

Not to mention, RISKY DEVIL‘s main logo is MAD SYKKK ~ I remember asking AJ (IS300) where I can get a hold of one and he replied “Not unless you hold a drift going 80mph…”

HAHAHA I guess I need to practice more drifting before I can rock one of their skull main logos =P

These guys are the real true drift/street race team from Chicago holdin it down with the sykest videos + photos.

Mad props to RISKY DEVIL crew for holding it down @ ASB 2009 just this past weekend.


Unfortunately I did not make time to head out to this event, but the photo coverages def. made me regret not showing up… boooooooo -_-”

Here is a random video of what the guys from RISKY DEVIL do for fun!!

Ryu Ji Hye – Date???

Man… school is literally taking over my life these days.

Not to mention this CRAZY F@#KIN HOTT WEATHER!!!

For those of you that know me… I seriously can not stand the heat or being sweaty 24/7 -_-”

To all my itzjOw3.com Phen Club members I’d like to apologize on my lack of updates lately ~

Because I love you all so dear much, I decided to give you a special update to get your mind off things…

Ryu Ji Hye is the SOLUTION!!

Do you HORN dogs ever wonder how it would be like to be on a date with a Korean Race Queen like Ryu Ji Hye????

Well…the wait is over and here is only a preview of how your IMAGINARY date would be like ~

Let’s keep it PG for all the underage ya!!

Enjoy and drool over Ryu Ji Hye for this is only a small portion of your fantasy coming true hahahaha

Video Date ❤

(I am 99% positively sure, that all you guys would act/see just as what the camera man would look @ LOL!!)

Isn’t she just adorable/cute!!

I hope this didn’t make your HOTT weather any HOTTER than it already is… MU HA HA HA HA

Meister Watch www.MeisterWatches.com

Meister Watch


If you DO NOT KNOW OF or HAVE ONE…you are out of the “CIRCLE OF COOLNESS” for 2009 LMFAO!!


My buddy Kingson recently started up his new watch line called Meister and I just wanted to share with you # 1 itzjOw3.com Phen Club Members EXCLUSIVELY!!

This watch is seriously one of the SYKEST watches of alllll time in my book compared to Panerai’s, Bell&Ross, Rolex, and etc. etc.

I ended up getting the Super Star edition White/White.

The craftsmanship of this watch is seriously to top notch spec.

Full Japanese swiss movement, stop-timer features/deploy band/rubber wrist band/perfect size/weight YOU NAME IT ALL!!

This watch IMO looks very classy and most importantly I believe it goes very well with anything I wear with it.

I believe FATLACE/HELLAFLUSH guys have a special edition coming out exclusively with only 100 being made also.

Not to mention my buddy Andy Tai just picked up the limited special edition MJ tribute Super Star watch in gold as well.

I hope the BEST for the future of Meister and glad I can be a part of it to help out my buddy in all ways ~

Here are some professional bad ass pictures of the Meister Super Star collection line taken by: Peter Chaney

Special MJ Tribute collection Super Star


Rick Ross ft. Frank Linin – Throw it in the Sky

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 – actiononmotion

When you ask anyone / anybody the #1 car enthusiast question “What is your DREAM car”?

The majority of 80-90% will answer you with the same answer of it being either a Lamborghini or Ferrari…am I not right??

The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is the model right below the newest Lamborghini Reventon aka “THE BATMOBILE aka BUGATTI VEYRON KILLER”, but I won’t go far into that.

Here is a syk video I found of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 that recently showed with my team Auto Concept Elite for HIN Anaheim 2009 from iForged Wheels.

This video was created by actiononmotion, mad props to the guys there with their bad-ass video editing skills…

Something I def. need to learn more up on when it comes to video editing lolz

I really want someone to make me a syk video like this in HD to remember my own Lexus IS300 someday…

Again please click on the video and watch this bitch in HD, it is well worth it.

Enjoy !!


Kaskade – 4 AM (Adam K & Soha Remix)