iputinWORK.com Lexus IS300 Feature

I recently sent over some pictures to Mr. Logan to help contribute to his new “i put in WORK” website/blog of cars sporting only WORK Wheels.

I have do admit, this is such a catchy named website/blog idea to come out yet!!

Thanks for featuring my Lexus IS300 on your website/blog page buddy, anything to help a fellow car enthusiast brotha out!!

Check out Logan’s kick ass website with the SYKEST cars rockin only WORK Wheels = iputinWORK.com

Main blog post:


Jowe Lee sent me some images and info on his heavily modified Lexus IS300, shown here. The front mount should be an indicator that he’s upgraded more than just the looks of this vehicle.

Close up shot of the car (sans graphics) shows the WORK XSA-02C wheels, which were custom powdercoated gold by Jowe. The end result is similar to the Light Metallic Gold (LMG) Finish that is available on the 02C (from the factory).  Fitment under his fender flares is a 19×8.5+36 F & 19×9.5+45 R.

According to Jowe, his vehicle is currently going through a revision, soon to be a BN Sports US Demo Vehicle. Look forward to seeing what the next version will look like.

2 responses to “iputinWORK.com Lexus IS300 Feature

  1. this is by far the best body work i’ve ever seen on an is300. i’ve been looking for the perfect body kit for my is300 and i believe i found it from your “Not your average IS300…” post. your is300 is prolly an original, but by any chance is there any way to purchase that full body kit (front, sides, back, and spoiler), excluding the side panels, which really looks custom/badass??? thanks for all your help i know your post is pretty old, but i cant help but want an O.G. car like yours, any help u cld give me would be really appreciated. keep up the sickass work!!

  2. The body kit is called Wise Sports, but now they are called BEHRMAN or something like that.

    The fender flares are from R-Spec Datasystem from Japan.

    Go visit bulletproofautomotive for all the finest selection of JDM bodykits for the SXE10 Altezza aka IS300.

    Let me know if you need any more help bro, I’d be glad to help you out.

    Be sure to register for the biggest Lexus forums such as my.is and clublexus.com

    Thanks again,


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